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Voice-Over Actor

Kevin Hahn is an American male voice-over talent. Global giants and local businesses alike have used his versatile voice.

Kevin consistently delivers with unparalleled precision and reliability no matter what voice you're searching for.

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  • Superior audio quality

  • Prompt delivery

  • Exceptional Communication

The Distinguished and Dependable voice featured in projects for:

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Tube Microphone in Studio

"His voice possesses a timeless calm, evoking the strength of a classic Southern gentleman.


Truly unparalleled in capturing depth and warmth."

-Dan West

True Experience Entertainment

Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

Studio Setup

  • Sennheiser MK 4 Neumann U 87 Ai

  • Focusrite Scarlett 212

  • Pro Tools, Adobe Audition

  • Sennheiser HD 300 PRO Closed-back

  • Zoom
    MS Teams
    Google Meet

  • Source Connect Now 

Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

Vocal style similar to
great stalwarts
Ewan McGregor,
Sam Elliott, Gary Oldman,
Josh Lucas and Jeff Bridges.

What kind of voice-over do you need?

"With many years of expertise in the voice-over industry, Kevin Hahn excels in specialized voice-over niches, such as

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Recording Studio
Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

"With the dignity of a seasoned Southern storyteller, Kevin's authenticity effortlessly transports listeners to the very heart of each tale. A true maestro of voice."

-Debbie Rubio

Plan A Productions

Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

How the Voice-Over Process Works

Kevin Hahn is flexible to work with you on your voice-over project however you prefer.

Here's a quick breakdown of how the voice-over hiring, recording and delivery process typically goes. It's easy! And it all usually happens within a day (depending on script length):

Step 1

Submit your script here and you'll receive a quick response with a custom voice-over audition sample and rate.

Step 2

Once approved, your full script will be recorded. Kevin records most scripts solo but for shorter scripts you can listen in and direct Kevin in a live recording session if you prefer.

Step 3

After the session, you'll receive a link to download the high-quality, clean and edited files as an MP3, WAV or AIF file.

Step 4

You'll receive an invoice which you can conveniently pay online with a credit card or other forms of digital payment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a sample audition using my script?

Absolutely! Just reach out here to provide details of your project and Kevin will record a sample so you can hear what a finished voice-over would sound like.

Are there any scripts you won't record?

Yes, I choose not to engage in any scripts or recordings that propagate hate, discrimination, or negativity towards any individual, community, or group or the vain usage of "God" or "Jesus".

Can you add music to the voice-over?

Yes! Kevin is able to do full audio productions using royalty-free music and FX.

Do you accept Venmo, Zelle, and All major Credit Cards?

Yes, we can accept all these forms of payment.

Kevin Hahn embarked on his professional journey in the radio industry after graduating from Texas State University with a BFA in organizational speech
communication/theatre minor.

In Austin, he distinguished himself as an account manager at the renowned Clear Channel Radio, now iHeartMedia. With an impressive portfolio, Kevin managed advertising campaigns for elite brands like Corona, AT&T, PetSmart, and JAGUAR, securing coveted live endorsements from regional icons including Kevin Dunn of MTV's Real World, Texas football luminary Major Applewhite, Bucky Godbolt, and Erin Hogan.

Recognizing his accomplishments and potential in the Austin radio scene, Kevin transitioned to the nation's top revenue-generating market: Los Angeles. Over the next five years, his collaborations included industry figures such as Peter Tilden, Shawn Parr, and even the iconic Snoop Dogg, orchestrating endorsements and live events throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

Kevin's distinctive vocal tone caught the attention of advertisers, leading him to voice a myriad of engaging radio imaging spots and commercials, both for internationally recognized brands and local enterprises. This exposure was pivotal, igniting Kevin's passion for voice-over acting.

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Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

I pride myself on delivering narratives that come across as believable and approachable.

My voice can range from a velvety smooth flow to an energetic vibe.

In addition to his voice talents, Kevin's on-screen presence shone through.
He starred as the principal talent for the 'Cowboy Up' national commercial for Coors Original, Produced by the Integer Group and Directed by Ken Fox Broadcasted on platforms like ESPN, ABC, and TNN, and showcased on jumbotrons during
the Professional Bull Riders Association events.

Furthermore, Kevin's appearances include the principal talent for Cox Digital Cable, a notable scene with Sandra Bullock in 'Miss Congeniality' – featured on the DVD cover - various scenes in Life of David Gale and the Alamo– and supporting and lead roles in indie films during his LA tenure.

He also made a memorable appearance as a classmate in the sex education scene and as #42 in the Paramount feature film 'Varsity Blues', starring alongside esteemed actors like Academy Award winner Jon Voight, James Van Der Beek, Paul Walker,
Scott Caan, and Ron Lester.

Kevin Hahn In Varsity Blues
Kevin Hahn in Varsity Blues
Kevin Hahn in Varsity Blues
Kevin Hahn in Varsity Blues
Kevin Hahn in Varsity Blues
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Screenshot 2023-10-14 053118_edited.jpg
Kevin Hahn in Varsity Blues
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Screenshot 2023-10-14 053613_edited.jpg
Kevin Hahn Voice Actor
Kevin Hahn Voice Actor

In addition to his notable accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Kevin's diverse talents extend into artistry and design. He was specially commissioned to handcraft a replica of Brad Paisley's renowned Telecaster, elevating it into a unique piece of wall art lighting. This creation is not just visually captivating; it's functionally ingenious, with the guitar's volume knob ingeniously reimagined as the light's dimmer.

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